Saturday, March 21, 2009

Samples Can Help Land You the Job

Over 100 people applied for an entry-level job opening I had several years ago.

Each resume initially received about 20 seconds of my time before it was relegated to either the Yes pile or the No pile. The resumes in the Yes pile would be closely reviewed later to determine who would be brought in for an interview. Only about 15 resumes made it into that pile.

One resume was about to be placed in the No pile when I noticed an attached page. The attachment showed three samples of the designer's work. The work was impressive, so the resume went from its original position in the No pile to the Yes pile.

The resume was a No pile candidate because the candidate had no experience as a designer – no internship, no related clubs or activities, no freelance work, nothing. (I later learned it was because he had to work for his way through school. However, that's still no excuse.)

But, he was smart. He knew he didn't have the resume materials, so he sent samples of his work. That's all it took to move him from the No pile to the Yes pile.

Which lead to an interview.

And then the job.

Remember, the only point of the resume is to get you an interview. If you don't have the resume for that, then send a few samples of your work as well. When it comes down to it, we're more interested in the quality of your work than we are your experience.

It worked for one designer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hogblog: A Great Career Resource

Check out this great post from Sally Hogshead. If you are not following Sally, you should be.

2) Simple, brilliant ideas kick ass over fancy execution.

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