Friday, April 11, 2008

Never Stop Looking

"Man, I nailed that interview. The job is mine. I don't need to keep applying for jobs."

Not only wrong, but #*$%ing wrong.

While on the job hunt never, ever and I mean EVER halt the process while waiting to hear from that job you just know you're going to get.

It could be held up for budget reasons, unrelated business reasons, a change in the position requirements, or, believe it or not, because they found someone who is a better fit for the job. And while you wait, your job search takes a big step backwards.

The killer is, you may miss out on applying for the job that could have been yours.

Never allow yourself to kick back to wait for that sure offer. Because there is no such thing.

Do not stop the process until you've signed an offer letter and started your job.

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