Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Large or small, your network of contacts is only as effective as the work you put into it.

Regular follow up is an important part of that.

Did someone give you a lead? Let them know how it turns out.

Did you meet someone at an industry event? Get their card and send them a quick e-mail telling them you enjoyed meeting them.

Did someone review your portfolio or resume for you? Let them know what changes you made on the basis of their advice.

You get the idea.

And it's not just about thanking them (which you should do). It's also about keeping yourself top-of-mind so they think of you when they hear of an opening.

Even now I regularly hear about job openings. If I haven't heard from someone in a while, I assume they found something and don't pass on their name. Or, if I've only had contact with them once or twice, I may not even think of them.

So follow up on a regular basis with your contacts. It can be a short e-mail, a quick phone call or a hand-written note (wow, that would stand out). It's all about developing an ongoing relationship.

People are more likely to help someone they know than some stranger off the street – which is what you'll be if you don't maintain contact.

Plus, you never know who may give you the lead or advice that helps you land that job.

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Lorraine said...

Awesome advice, Kevin. This is something that's really hard for me to remember to do: putting it on my list of things to chance as I job-hunt hard-core.