Sunday, January 4, 2009

Print-Only is Dead

"I'm a print designer. I don't do interactive."

Sorry. Then you don't stand a chance of working here.

If you can only deliver print, your chances of getting the job drop – drastically. We're in a digital world. Our clients need digital solutions. And most of us older (over age 35) advertising folks are counting on you to help us deliver. If you can't, we move on to someone who can.

And in this incredibly tight market, you'll be left high and dry.

What to do? Upgrade your skills.

Learn programming, yes. But also make sure you have a good understanding of a variety of communication methods. How can you offer your clients the best solutions if you're not aware of the options available?

We all need to know digital communications. And for recent grads, it's simply the price of entry.

Print isn't dead. But print-only communicators are.

(By the way, my good friend Alistair Tutton lectured me for not being on Twitter. Now you can follow me here. Or, if you're LinkedIn, you can follow me here.)

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